Lionel 2017 Madison Hardware 6464-105 O gauge Boxcar

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A small handful of cars are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. These are first come, first serve. Once we are sold out, these cars are done. 

Madison Hardware was one of the most beloved and famous hobby stores in the history of Lionel Trains. Serving both New York City and Detroit, the store left its customers with memories that would last a lifetime. Derek Thomas and The Madison Poster Company are proud to release this 9700/6464 sized box car with two distinct sides. One side features photos from the New York store along with the classic Lionel Corporation logo. The other side features photos from the Detroit store along with the later Lionel Trains Incorporated logo. This 100% Lionel made and decorated 6-58035 box car is molded, decorated, and assembled in the USA. The car features a stamped metal frame, metal brake wheel and die-cast sprung trucks. Please, do not delay; order today.

Available exclusively from The Madison Poster Co.