1949 Signature Series GG-1 Dealer Display Poster

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In 1947 Lionel introduced one of their most iconic locomotives into their product line. The 2332 Pennsylvania GG-1 was a staple of the east coast railroad scene.  Lionel capitalized on the familiar locomotive by bringing a miniature GG-1 onto the layouts of millions of excited boys in the years that followed.  

In the Fall of 1949, Lionel took the next step in ensuring the legacy of the 2332 GG-1. They introduced a beautiful department store merchandising display. At the center of this display, a poster featuring the magnificent 2332 GG-1 with a father and son looking on as the mighty locomotive almost burst off the poster.  

For 2016 The Madison Poster Company is proud to bring this awesome poster back to life. Restore from original Lionel artwork, our 1949 GG-1 dealer poster captures the true spirt of Postwar Lionel trains.  

Our Signature Series poster is the ultimate package for the discerning Lionel collector. The signature series poster measures an impressive 84 x 45 inches. Nearly an identical size to the original. Not only will you receive this stunning poster, but we are including a reproduction of the set of four 18 x 5 inch banners that were included with the poster. These banners are incredibly scarce, and through the generous help of a Lionel collector we are now able to bring you a beautifully reproduced set. We are also including a reproduction of the 1949 pricing list page which features the original advertisement for this poster, the banners, and merchandising display.  

We will produce no more than twenty sequentially numbered Signature Series posters.  Each one will be printed to order, so there will never be any more full size 1949 posters reproduced than what we have orders for. Do not miss out on this outstanding opportunity, once we sell out, we are out!  

Signature Series Includes: 

  • 84 x 45 inch poster reproduced in full color from original Lionel art.
  • Limited edition of no more than 20 posters produced. 
  • Set of four reproduction 18 x 5 inch 1949 dealer banners, only available with this set. 
  • 1949 pricing list catalog page featuring the original advertisement for the poster and the banner set. 
  • Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity from Howard Hitchcock, President of Lionel LLC.