Lionel LionScale Monon "Moron" Boxcar- XP Trains Premier Offering

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The Monon Railroad served Indiana, Chicago, and Louisville from it’s founding in 1897 til it’s merger with the L&N in 1971. It’s main shops were located Lafayette Indiana, home to Purdue University. As local legend has it, some aspiring young railfans attending Purdue thought it would make a great practical joke to re-letter a Monon boxcar parked at the local Ralston Purina siding from “Monon” to “Moron” They enlisted the help of students in the art department to create accurate stencils and sneaked down late one Saturday night to accomplish their mission. With the repaint completed, the group waited just outside of town to photograph their handy work as it left town the next day.

With the XP Trains line, we work to capture moments in history. Whether it’s unusual cars with a unique story, or prototype cars that were considered by Lionel but never produced, you can be proud to add these cars to your collection.

This LionScale PS-1 boxcar features die cast trucks and can be easily converted to two rail operation with scale couplers.  Car operates on 0-31 curves and will perfectly compliment the 18110 Monon boxcar six pack cataloged in 2018. This 100% Lionel made and decorated boxcar is molded, decorated, and assembled in the USA..