Great book. I never got a chance to visit the Madison Hardware Store, but had heard a lot about it. The stories in this book were fun and personal. The pictures are excellent and show the progression of the store and even its eventual purchase and move. If you are a Lionel Train aficionado, even if you were never exposed to this store, you will enjoy this book.


This book certainly met my expectations. Lots of details that I had not known before.
Not that I was so interested in the store, Madison Hardware, but I am very interested in the golden age of Lionel. That story can not be told without Madison Hardware.
This book helps a great deal into understanding the relationship between the store and Lionel.

W. N. Everhart

As a Lionel train fanatic and a former patron of Madison Hardware, I was absolutely blown away by this book. I could not put it down. In a word, awesome. As I was reading the stories told by the folks the author interviewed, it evoked may memories of my own experiences with the brothers with the different last name who ran the store, Lou Shur and Carl Shaw. Also, having grown up in lower Manhattan, I made many trips to Madison Hardware, both as a child and as an adult. Many memories for me were made in that store. And this book helped to bring out those memories once again. This is a must read for all Lionel fans. I simply can't say enough about the book.

A. Zagarino